Bottle Green Tan Barrel

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Handcrafted with love and passion, our designs appeal to a Modern woman of any age, ever looking for a distinctive style statement and unique accessories that complement her confident and independent personality. We understand her daily busy routine, and believe that she is selective and demands the utmost quality and convenienceThere are a variety of handbags for her ever changing mood, style and work. From casual to elegant dressing, we have handcrafted bags to match every look.

Extensive time is spent on research to create the right products that fit her lifestyle. From design to craftsmanship, every single step is well thought out and executed. Our brand’s prime focus remains on product’s quality, affordability and utility.

Inspired by the art of wooden hand block printing and embroidery, this season’s collection captures the essence of traditional art forms with a modern take.

Design Style

Hand crafted, Innovative, Practical, Appealing, Contemporary, Feminine, Ethnic

Composition / Character

Blend of faux leather with  Hand block printed fabric