Who We Are?

Anurita Bharat

Creative Head & Founder


Senorita Art is my labour of love. As a newly-wed, setting up a house, I found myself constantly wondering how to lend practical, utilitarian objects a touch of creativity. An art enthusiast, my first Mumbai home didn’t have huge walls to display art. So, things I would use every day – cups, trays, napkin holders, coasters, kettles, lamps and even storage boxes – became my canvases. And I loved it, and my guests loved it even more. At parties, these eclectic pieces which reflected my personality became conversation-starters. Orders started pouring in, and after a couple of years of successfully working on bespoke pieces, I decided to launch my own label because I desire art to adorn every space, not just to hang it on the walls.

How We Got Started?

Our story is not complicated but began with experimentation. Just like any other start up, we had high aspirations and humble beginnings. Managing from home and then a small workshop, we created products that we would love to use ourselves which instantly creates a natural affinity with the customers. Our products try to create a different niche amongst the other selling brands with focus on art and aesthetics. Our unique designs stand out in the crowd and the affordable pricing lures customers. Our aim is to make beautiful things and keep innovating so that the home space never gets boring.